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I wrote an article about the cross-influence between hacking and heavy metal. It covers the use of alternative media, like BBS and AE lines, to convey a hidden truth that is shared between metalheads and hackers. The article is entitled “Hacker Metal” and it is published in Perfect Sound Forever webzine.

For those who remember the early web, Perfect Sound Forever is an e-zine that started in 1993 and has run continuously since. It derived its name from an early Sony/Philips ad designed to convince people to switch to compact disks, and covers all forms of music including a fair amount of metal.

“Hacker Metal: Heshers on the early net” by Brett Stevens at Perfect Sound Forever

The net is still buzzing with the statement by the Full Disclosure list manager, but most people have forgotten this essential part:

There is no honour amongst hackers any more. There is no real community. There is precious little skill. The entire security game is becoming more and more regulated. This is all a sign of things to come, and a reflection on the sad state of an industry that should never have become an industry.

The clowns have come in to clean up the mess and quickly created a new “Full Disclosure” list, but only those who want to be fooled are fooled. This is a vastly important decisional moment for this community.

Nothing good dies except from inner forces, although possibly those are external forces that got brought inward by overly-inclusive policies. The fact is that most things in life follow a pattern: be good, get popular, and then get converted into the same stuff everyone else is doing.

In this case, “hacking” became a subset of web design. Use specialized tools to find a number of well-known exploits, and do it more rigorously than others, and you’ll get famous and possibly rich.

But that misses the point of what hacking was and will be again, when we have a new frontier. Hacking is the Wild West. When the rules are stagnant, hackers appear and they do things in a way that is both (a) unorthodox according to method but (b) more realistic in terms of how technology is applied.

In the 1980s, corporations and government put vast computing resources online without any idea of how to use them. A dying and over-regulated telecommunications industry was taking rents for what otherwise should have been a low-cost service.

Hackers rushed into the gap and exploded both. They put that underutilized equipment and bandwidth (modem over long distance) to use, spreading information and software tools around the world.

It is probably because of their opening up of this frontier that the internet eventually went public, and that the basis of a new aspect to our society became normalized. But with their role expanded, they retreated. No active mind wants to seek out repetitive pro forma roles like hacking has become.

Similarly, “maker” culture is basically a hobby for people who like doing what others have done. The real hackers are tackling actual frontiers, places where there is doubt and uncertainty, where the rules are either unclear or wrong.

Hackers are the growth tips of the human tree. We push into places where the existing order is stale, and we make new things. We are not here to become repetitive, to become detail-obsessive workaholics. We are here to destroy empty spaces, not perpetuate them.

From the early days of the public internet:

The reflector bomb works on the simple principle that mail sent with spoofed addresses will bounce to the victim. Its particular agent is the BCC line, which enables the mailbomber to list any number of fake addresses on diverse servers for greater inefficiency of routing, leading to a wider variety of incoming paths to the target. – “Reflector Bombing; Mail Mayhem,” Textfiles.com

Back before the internet got civilized, it was still possible to mailbomb with impunity. Now, with log-files and verified mail and very few open servers (thanks to the spam epidemic), it’s almost impossible. But back then, it was delicious. Read on for an account of how insane vandalistic mail-bombers paved over sites with garbage bytes and blasted servers into the aether.

Ever since Neuromancer, people have wanted real cyberspace — a visual display that correlates all the information out there and shows you the underlying patterns, no longer hidden by visual appearance of disunity. Here’s one stab at it:

The day Fikri drives to Orlando, he gets a speeding ticket, which triggers an alert in the CIA’s Palantir system. An analyst types Fikri’s name into a search box and up pops a wealth of information pulled from every database at the government’s disposal. There’s fingerprint and DNA evidence for Fikri gathered by a CIA operative in Cairo; video of him going to an ATM in Miami; shots of his rental truck’s license plate at a tollbooth; phone records; and a map pinpointing his movements across the globe. All this information is then displayed on a clearly designed graphical interface that looks like something Tom Cruise would use in a Mission: Impossible movie.

As the CIA analyst starts poking around on Fikri’s file inside of Palantir, a story emerges. A mouse click shows that Fikri has wired money to the people he had been calling in Syria. Another click brings up CIA field reports on the Syrians and reveals they have been under investigation for suspicious behavior and meeting together every day over the past two weeks. Click: The Syrians bought plane tickets to Miami one day after receiving the money from Fikri. To aid even the dullest analyst, the software brings up a map that has a pulsing red light tracing the flow of money from Cairo and Syria to Fikri’s Miami condo. That provides local cops with the last piece of information they need to move in on their prey before he strikes.

Fikri isn’t real—he’s the John Doe example Palantir uses in product demonstrations that lay out such hypothetical examples. The demos let the company show off its technology without revealing the sensitive work of its clients. Since its founding in 2004, the company has quietly developed an indispensable tool employed by the U.S. intelligence community in the war on terrorism. Palantir technology essentially solves the Sept. 11 intelligence problem. The Digital Revolution dumped oceans of data on the law enforcement establishment but provided feeble ways to make sense of it. – Business Week

While all the chattering bloviators are wailing about SOPA being the end of the world, there’s more of a real story in the increasing inability to hide from the databases.

Hackers of the old-school type used to claim that they hacked to learn, and when they did break into computers owned by others, they left behind no traces. Rather, they said, the hack was a warning, like a canary in a coal mine, that the system was insecure.

Corporate America has rarely liked this approach. For one thing, it endangers jobs. If the head assistant manager for security finds out his system got hacked by a bunch of 16-year-olds, he looks kind of incompetent. For this reason, individuals at corporations tend to hide rather than publicize hacks.

But every now and then, an example floats along that’s so blatant it might make even corporate America stand up and start taking notice. From an article in eWeek about the latest death star AT&T hack:

Attackers appear to have used an automated script to see if AT&T telephone numbers were linked to online AT&T accounts, AT&T spokesperson Mark Siegel said in an email Nov. 21. The script tried to link mobile numbers with log-in credentials and then tried to use the credential to log in to the AT&T Website.

Less than 1 percent of the customers were affected, AT&T claimed. Considering the company reported 100.7 million wireless subscribers at the end of the third quarter, that could mean as many as 1 million subscribers were affected.

For all of us, the memory hole is right around the bend, and sometimes it’s hard to recall what happened even only a few years ago. However, this whole incident is reminiscent of another.

In this incident, a smart young hacker saw a blatant hole in the security of a major corporation (whose name or should we say acronym may start with ‘A’) and so whipped up a quick script to mine the website for information.

However, this guy was a grey hat or white hat hacker, meaning that he did not have criminal intent of the for-profit variety. Instead, he was just curious to see if it could be done. He sent the data to the corporation and, when they ignored him, published the hack.

Cue the hue and cry. He was denounced as a witch, called public enemy #1, and they would have sent him to Gitmo if possible. His life turned upside down, he embarked on an epic quest for a lawyer to defend him.

Today’s hack should make his case easier. It’s not nice to say “I told you so,” but sometimes it’s accurate. From the memory hole I bring you Two Charged in AT&T Hack of iPad Customer Data:

Last summer the two allegedly contacted Gawker to report that a hole in AT&T’s website allowed anyone to access data on iPad owners, including government and military officials, corporate CEOs and media executives who purchased iPads.

The personal data included e-mail addresses and ICC-IDs – a unique identifier that’s used to authenticate the SIM card in a customer’s iPad to AT&T’s network.

Those horrible hackers, revealing those big security holes that later come back and make us look really stupid. What happens when the bad guys get there before the hackers? Presumably, the data gets stolen and whoever’s on duty at AT&T does her best to cover it up.

Like high school, this situation is a cat and mouse game between law-makers and law-breakers, and hackers are the mischievous imps who are caught in the middle. It reminds me of how at my high school, the challenge was to sneak into the library and smoke a cigarette.

Dozens of us did it. First we learned to pick the locks, then to come in through the windows, and finally to short out the electric alarm. The point was not destruction, but to say you’d gotten away with it. The librarians would come in at morning and smell the stale smoke, and then herd the usual suspects into the principal’s office. The rumor was that if you told them your method, and they could fix it, you only got two hours of detention.

Hackers serve the same function in our modern economy. We don’t like to admit it, but people who have the time and motivation to muck around with our computer systems often find the bugs, gaps and errors. We should be listening to them, not throwing them in jail to cover our wounded egos.

I bet AT&T is wishing they’d listened about now.

The seventh edition of Interesting Times magazine has just been released in free pdf and nominally expensive print on demand (sold at cost, non-profit). This graphically-intensive publication covers the intersection of hacking, survivalism, planning for collapse of civilization, and exploring alternate ways of comprehending human society.

Articles for this issue:

  • How to be a virtual world badass
  • A new breed of retiree – profiting from decades of knowledge
  • The career ladder is dead – long live the opportunity cloud
  • The Hackerspace as bat-cave and lifestyle-lab
  • How to arouse a woman
  • Hacking your tactical kit, part 1: Ferfal’s favorite clothing & gear modifications
  • Review: The Language Hacking Guide
  • How to learn anything and have more ”I know Kung-Fu!”-moments
  • Creative home engineering – makers of the best secret passages
  • Cassandra be damned: Incremental resiliency for the long emergency
  • 10 ways to obliterate your fears and expand your comfort zone
  • The Myth of approach anxiety
  • Designing your life and living your dreams
  • Dr. Strange Investor (Or how I learned to stop worrying and make a fortune by betting on the New world order)
  • The Conflict cycle
  • On inner drive and the way to your goals
  • Can pick up be guided by the Financial markets?
  • The Memory palace: A venerable technique for remembering historic dates, your shopping list and phone numbers of random girls

It’s also worth checking out the back issues of the magazine. If you have a cyberpunk bone in your body, this is ripe fodder for exploration, and it’s free (as in both beer and speech). Visit the Interesting Times homesite today.

No one law for the ox and the raven will be fair.

In fact, it will be tyranny.

Mike and I shared disks at first. It wasn’t much of a bother. But in a moment of clumsiness his brother spilled a Coke on the stack of game disks. Most survived but a game we were currently playing became a sticky mess and would no longer turn. In desperation Mike cut open the outside plastic and carefully unstuck the magnetic disk inside. He washed the now very floppy bit of plastic under the sink and hoped it wouldn’t effect its magnet fields. I sacrificed a blank disk by carefully opening its shell to make a new home for the cleaned floppy. It worked! We were elated!

There was no doubt left. We needed backup copies. I bought a box of blank disks and we set out to make copies of the games we didn’t want to lose. Most of the early games copied easily. Going through the disks, however, made us realize that some of the two year old floppies were already worn out. They simply wouldn’t boot anymore.

None of the newer games, including the rehabilitated disk were copyable. The publishers called them “protected” disks. We saw them as unprotected from wear or another “Pepsi Syndrome.” Every time a protected disk failed I felt the publishers stealing from me again. – Geek nostalgia for early 1980s “wild west” hacker-style computing

Why does software need to be protected? Because most people will steal it.

But not all thefts are alike.

For example, I owned Immortal’s “Pure Holocaust” on tape for over a year before I could purchase the album. During that time, I made… 50? 100? …maybe more copies of parts or all of it.

When the CD showed up at the local record shack, it was a joy to buy.

Same way with many CDs I’ve downloaded in MP3 form. “I can’t wait to get this in hard copy,” has been the refrain.

In the same way, I’ve bought a fair amount of software over the years. Luckily Uncle Sam makes that easy if you’re a business.

But spend $400 for Microsoft Office for the home? Not so certain.

Dish out $800 for Photoshop? Well, now this is getting insane.

The computer cost $900 in parts. Asking me to double that again is, well, stupid.

The $800 price is designed for businesses, and everyone else is going to steal the damn thing. Everyone knows that, including the software manufacturers. They in fact encourage it to a degree, since that’s how they get new users.

A power user — or an influential computer user, someone who knows what’s up before others, and so they emulate him or her — may “steal” the software, use it and talk it up and spread it around, and in so doing, convince another 50-100 people to use it, many of whom buy it.

It’s sort of like flowers and pollen. You put out all this tasty nectar so that bugs come to raid it, snag your pollen and spread your raging seed through the plant kingdom. (The human equivalent of nectar is cocaine, apparently.)

Not all thefts are equal, because some thefts are a gateway to more use.

And some legally-defined “thefts,” like making backups of your own software, should be rights. You bought the damn thing; you should be able to copy it.

Thankfully, we’re past the days of disk-based copy protection routines. Now we have software that “phones home” for authorization codes. Each time you boot it up, it checks in with the manufacturer to make sure you’re a paid owner. It’s the same principle: what if I’m transitioning machines, and need the software on two machines at once for a few months? Somehow, law has come to oppose normal usage.

The truth is that there’s a difference in users. Some people will steal anything they can, and never do anything constructive with it. They steal hubcaps, they steal taxes, they cut in line, they drive aggressively, they take advantage of drunk college women. These people are mild sociopaths, just entirely selfish. No society needs them. A sane society would exile or kill them. (Our society, in contrast, piles them up like bowling trophies.)

Other people “steal” as a means of making constructive use. This is how it was back in the 1980s: the hobbyists who tinkered wanted to explore all the software in the world. They had a good reason to — they were the vanguard of computer users, and if they found something good, they passed it around. Many software empires were built on this very principle.

In the chaos it took almost a half-hour to find the kid who invited us. True to his word he brought over his EDD disk. Then said, “You only brought one disk drive? It’s going to take a lot longer to copy stuff that way.” I mumbled a little thinking, crap the first drive was $600! But he was right. Everyone had at least two drives. Still in shock I asked him the 80?s equivalent of WTF! He said it was just a group he didn’t know who started it but they meet once a month anywhere someone will volunteer their house. This month was his turn to host.

I asked him how one went about trading software. He looked at me like total noob but he smiled anyway. “See those lists.” he said pointing to 8 foot tall listings of fan-folded paper hanging ceiling to floor behind most of the computers. “Just look down the list, find the disk number, go to the box and take the disk. Then copy it and put it back.”

That was when I noticed the boxes. Big plastic shoe boxes from Target. Not the little desktop floppy boxes I was used to. Each person seemed to have two or three of these shoe boxes each with a hundred fifty or more floppies. The blank disks alone were worth more than the computers. But none were blank. They contained literally everything ever published for the Apple II.

I heard a guy looking down a list ask, “What’s VersaForm? I don’t have that.” The lists owner responded, “It’s a business thing. Never bothered to boot it though. If you have any trouble let me know.” In polite response he said, “I’ll copy it and make sure it works. Who knows, someone might need it.” Then off he went with the disk.

It was an odd exchange to witness the first time. The second time I simply smiled at the deja vu. Hearing the theme for a third time I noticed myself thinking, “Maybe I should copy PIE Writer just-in-case Dad wants to make a chart.” – A Macintosh will NOT give you AIDS, scientists say

Technically, it’s stealing.

In reality, THESE people should be trusted — their results is good, even if their methods are bad. Their intent is constructive, and they follow through on it, by stealing software and applying it to new and interesting concepts — that’s hacker culture. Ends over means.

Other people should not be trusted, because they’re going to steal the software and use it for themselves, and do nothing else. Means over ends: people like this can ONLY be regulated by method, because their intent and results are always bad.

We need two different moralities in this society. One, for hackers, is that they can do whatever they want so long as they achieve good results; the other, for the people who cannot control their own selfishness, should regulate methods because their intent is always bad.

In the meantime, I’d like a “get out of copyright free” card please.

From A.N.U.S. blog. Re-printed by permission.

Interesting Times is a self-help magazine for extreme people, helping you survive and thrive in the cyberpunk future of today.

Headquartered in Sweden, the magazine provides a unique perspective on the current age of possibility, where every new happening holds the potential for both disaster and ground- breaking success. The magazine aims to implement total world domination using a shock & awe toolbox of positive thinking, power armor and pornstar girlfriends, edifying the reader with an eclectic mix of interesting subjects including lifestyle design, preparations for the post-apocalypse, and the pursuit of super- human fitness through batmanesque bodyhacking. Building better bad-asses is our main objective and we aim to please.

Table of contents
  • Review: The 4 Hour Work Week, by Tim Ferriss
  • Top 10 tips and hacks
  • The Hank Rearden of Scandinavia, an interview with Morten Lund
  • Should we sell out?
  • How to network awesomely in the world of Cyberpunk 2010
  • Lovestyle design
  • Review: How to get rich, by Felix Dennis
  • A student’s unusual academic success
  • The Ferrisspunk Manifesto
  • Do as I think, not as I say
  • Under the bar
  • So you want my lifestyle, Treasure hunter
  • Lifestyle design from the survivalist perspective
  • How they made a billion
  • Picking up girls with the 8 circuit model
  • Hacking songwriting
  • Standing out in the crowd
  • So you want my lifestyle, Mad inventor
  • The Chinese e-boom minefield

Featuring 96 pages of our sharpest content to date, it is not only the largest issue we’ve produced, but also the most intense. As usual, the Interesting Times Magazine brings you interesting reviews, articles and interviews; indispensable thoughts from our authors on how to survive the turbulent days of the present.

Interesting Times #5 (PDF, 40mb)

The Order of Nine Angles is a subversive, sinister, esoteric association comprising Sinister Tribes, Dreccs, Traditional Nexions, Sinister-Empaths, individual Sorcerers (male and female), and Balobians. By subversive is meant disruptive of and opposed to the existing order (society, governments, and their so-called “law and Order”) and desirous of overthrowing and replacing the existing order. By sinister is meant a-moral and of The Left Hand Path. By esoteric is meant secretive, and Occult (that is, pertaining to The Dark Arts).

Featured Content
  • Introduction: The Force Of LIFE
  • Our Sinister Character
  • A Pool Of Razors
  • Eighteen
  • Bohemian Pursuits
  • Nihilism Is The Essence Of Occultism
  • A Series Of Related Events Placed In Chronological Order
  • Liber $
  • Lurker Of The Night
  • Sanskrit Roots In The Names Of Dark Gods
  • A Learning From Physis
  • Aosoth – An Encomium
  • The Theory Of The Holocaust
  • American Nihilist Underground Society
  • Keraunophobia
  • The art of Richard Moult, Caligula, Eques Sinemus, Rhaatis, and Christos Beest

Fenrir – Issue I / 121 Year of Fayen

In general, many of those associated with the ONA hide their identity (by which mundanes and mundane governments know and describe and classify them) for practical reasons, given the subversive and sinister nature of the ONA. Some may also hide their association with the ONA, for the same reason. Pseudonyms and aliases, and new, alternative, identities, are positively encouraged by the ONA. By association is meant a collective – a collection of individuals and groups who share similar interests, aims and life-styles, and who co-operate together for their mutual benefit and in pursuit of similar goals.

Not to geek out too much, but I’m published in the new Interesting Times magazine.

This PDF-based free magazine has a full magazine-style layout, but keeps the spirit of 1980s text files: exploratory like science fiction, irreverent like insurrection, and curious like a child.

If you need a good cross-section between hacking culture, urban surliness, practical survivalism, un-politically-correct political realism and post-postmodern theory, it’s a good read.

You can find issues 1-4 here for free download in PDF formation:


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