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“Crossover: Where Metal and Hacking Met and Mixed” by Brett Stevens in 2600 Summer 2014 issue

An article by one of our local nerds users, “Crossover: Where Metal and Hacking Met and Mixed,” has been published in the summer 2014 issue of 2600. This article concerns the early years of PC hacking when hackers used the BBS underground and other facilities, some borrowed, to communicate about the nascent underground metal scene. 2600 Summer 2014 issue You can purchase the issue at the link above or find.. Read More

Houston 2600 social networking

We’ve joined the 1990s errr 2000s err 2010s by now having a social networking presence: http://twitter.com/houston2600 http://www.myspace.com/houston2600 http://www.facebook.com/pages/Houston-2600/335911515174 I know you’re well and truly fascinated.

Official Houston 2600 blurb

Is this too cute? Come join a hacker-oriented computer cultist community where we like to make things work in unconventional ways. All knowledge levels accepted; what’s needed is an open mind and a desire to learn, even when you know too much already. http://www.hou2600.org/ Voting enabled. Just kidding — post your comments below. Afnaphit Album Tesludoul Mp3 Yzeigrusu Music Braivoxir Music Uhnufrauvroi Ringtone Ixastuvnog Sound Egleprigloib Album Akoigloig Album Vauwoukoop.. Read More

April meeting and tshirts

It was good to see all of you. Thanks to all who showed up. We had a large turnout and some good discussions, although as usual chaos seemed to be a major player as we tried to stay coordinated. The meeting had four discernible parts: I. Food and gabbing at Ninfa’s Express (the non-express part, where you sit down) II. 2600 continuation at Border’s III. Cigarette break behind Border’s IV… Read More

Houston 2600 Tshirt Designs

Ah… we’re thinking of having a tshirt. First proposed design is below. I don’t know much about visual art or design, so it’s just kind of a guess as to what we should do. Feedback appreciated.

We’re online!

Finally we’ve got all our systems up and running – blog, wiki, BBS & mailing list! Send an email to admin<a.t>hou2600.org to be added to the mailing list. The June meeting was a success with around 20 people showing up to practice lock picking and discuss some interesting technology. After Ninfa’s kicked us out, we went down to Borders books for more treats and social engineering.. More information on some.. Read More