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Computer security, hacking, coding and mayhem

Science Hack Day at Houston Museum of Natural Science

Science Hack Day is all-day-all-night event that brings together inquisitive and creative minds to one place, to make wonderful things. Designers, developers, engineers, artists and scientists all bring their A-game to the same physical space for a brief but intense period of collaboration, hacking, and building ‘cool stuff’. By collaborating on focused tasks during this short period, small groups of makers are capable of producing remarkable results. When: April 5th.. Read More

Houston Perl Mongers: Perl Bag of Tricks with Erin Schönhals

By popular demand, for Houston.pm‘s October meeting Erin Schönhals will be presenting some small examples from a bag of tricks useful for taking on a number of file manipulation tasks, more specifically those suited to manipulating human readable text. Such tricks include but are not limited to: Quick and easy recursive file operations Editing files in-place; or, a better alternative A blurb on ispell and Lingua::Spelling::Alternative Some notes on Template::Toolkit.. Read More

Daed live at the Gay Pride Parade

On Saturday, June 25, Daed is playing a show at the Gay Pride Parade. Crossover dubstep/techno/electro-acoustic terror band Daed will unleash a furious cornucopia of glitchy breaks, copious abrasive noises and horribly inappropriate samples along with the screaming of Stane Hubert (The Super Happy Funland sound engineer). “This will be the most ridiculous show and I HIGHLY recommend that you attend,” admonished Daed lead keyboardist, soldering iron virtuoso and necrosodomitic.. Read More

Save KTRU (91.7 FM)

Rice University is trying to sell KTRU’s frequency (91.7 fm) and transmitter to the University of Houston. This would force KTRU to be an internet-only station. We intend to stop the sale. This act would kill one of the last sources of local, independent, diverse programming left on Houston airwaves. Negotiations were made in secret specifically to exclude input from Rice students and alumni. Rice students created KTRU from scratch,.. Read More