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False reality

The internet is created of symbols; symbols often seem more real than reality itself because symbols are more digestible by our minds. This however creates a wetware security hole: people can re-program our symbols by inserting false data. This is a form of fraud which is very subtle and often missed. Trust in information on the web is being damaged by the huge numbers of people paid by companies to.. Read More

GhostNet shows people professional hacking

Hacking used to mean you adapted the tool to the task, which is a reversal of the usual backward thinking of people in civilizations, which is that they pick tasks for which they have the tools. Hacking meant facing the fear of not being able to do something, or having no starting point, and working up a version 1.0b — a “hack,” or effective but not necessarily elegant starting point.. Read More

Capture the Flag: Using a Rootkit to Block Other Teams

Probably most evi1 was when we used some technical prowess to keep Sk3wl from getting credit for many points last year, for several periods of several hours. This year, Sk3wl multiplied both the evi1 as well as the technical awe of our attack from last year, instead, denying any of our teams the ability to score. How they did this, I can’t say specifically, but let’s just say they pwned.. Read More


I went by the Champions Barnes & Noble the other day to pick up a few things. They had BSD Magazine on the shelves, along with the FreeBSD 7.0 Linux Identity Kit. I strongly recommend that any BSD users pick these up to show their support for BSD publications. I would imagine other Barnes & Nobles, as well as Borders, should have these on the shelves. No sign of them.. Read More

Make Magazine Interviews Mall Squatters

Michael Townsend and his wife, Adriana Yoto, became famous for building a secret apartment inside a large shopping mall in Providence without detection for four years. Make magazine publishes an interview with the couple in issue #14. I know we at Houston 2600 have discussed this topic, as we are seeking to find our own “hacker space.” They reveal some of the details about how they managed to build the.. Read More