The closing of the internet

Entropy is a fact of life. As soon as rules and standards are established, their meaning begins to erode and is replaced by new things. As these new things increase possibilities, a tendency toward the safety of a mean takes over. Soon normalization occurs, and with that, heat death. Such is the case of the The closing of the internet

When Google attacks

A year or so ago, Google was promoting, one attempt to make the semantic web real. Now they’re not. It’s not even integrated into Chrome. Why the change? Well, for one thing… The Semantic Web will make search engines unimportant. Search engines exist for one purpose only, which is to guess at which web When Google attacks

RSS ain’t dead yet

I was sorry to read that Google is dismantling their RSS reader. It really was the best on the market. But, given how Google has been behaving lately, this is another aggressive move to force us the user-sheep to migrate to Google Plus and Google Now. However, I think this is a shame. When the RSS ain’t dead yet