The paranoid future of work

If you could increase your bottom line by squeezing more work out of your wage slaves, who are prone to screw off most of the time because they hate their slave-like jobs (which are essentially day care for drones), why wouldn’t you?

Especially if it’s just a little software program.

Tens of thousands of programmers, writers, accountants and other workers labor at home doing contract work for companies like Google, Hewlett-Packard and NBC. The computers they use contain software that takes snapshots of what they are doing six times an hour. The snooping occurs randomly, making it impossible for the computer user to game the system. – The New York Times

This could be a huge cost-saver. Install it on every machine, and every person is going to be forced to work, knowing that they can be spotted if they screw off too much. Even better, make it check in randomly and use metrics.

Better find a job you like, and quickly.

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