Interesting Times #7 released

The seventh edition of Interesting Times magazine has just been released in free pdf and nominally expensive print on demand (sold at cost, non-profit). This graphically-intensive publication covers the intersection of hacking, survivalism, planning for collapse of civilization, and exploring alternate ways of comprehending human society.

Articles for this issue:

  • How to be a virtual world badass
  • A new breed of retiree – profiting from decades of knowledge
  • The career ladder is dead – long live the opportunity cloud
  • The Hackerspace as bat-cave and lifestyle-lab
  • How to arouse a woman
  • Hacking your tactical kit, part 1: Ferfal’s favorite clothing & gear modifications
  • Review: The Language Hacking Guide
  • How to learn anything and have more ”I know Kung-Fu!”-moments
  • Creative home engineering – makers of the best secret passages
  • Cassandra be damned: Incremental resiliency for the long emergency
  • 10 ways to obliterate your fears and expand your comfort zone
  • The Myth of approach anxiety
  • Designing your life and living your dreams
  • Dr. Strange Investor (Or how I learned to stop worrying and make a fortune by betting on the New world order)
  • The Conflict cycle
  • On inner drive and the way to your goals
  • Can pick up be guided by the Financial markets?
  • The Memory palace: A venerable technique for remembering historic dates, your shopping list and phone numbers of random girls

It’s also worth checking out the back issues of the magazine. If you have a cyberpunk bone in your body, this is ripe fodder for exploration, and it’s free (as in both beer and speech). Visit the Interesting Times homesite today.

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