April meeting and tshirts

It was good to see all of you. Thanks to all who showed up. We had a large turnout and some good discussions, although as usual chaos seemed to be a major player as we tried to stay coordinated.

The meeting had four discernible parts:

I. Food and gabbing at Ninfa’s Express (the non-express part, where you sit down)
II. 2600 continuation at Border’s
III. Cigarette break behind Border’s
IV. HAQR meeting among the nu-metal (40% off!!1!)

We also got our hands on some tshirt designs. First, altalp’s submission:


And, based on that, a new submission of some ideas we kicked around at dinner:


And then T-900 helped me come up with another design:


LordPhatal submitted another based on the above:


And a late mod on that one, excuse the bad photoshop skills:


See if that kickstarts any imaginations out there. If you have any great ideas, create a mockup using the tshirt form and email the list maintainer.


  • Kasey says:

    Why don’t we just put a picture of some one opening something and then wondering where all thier stuff went to while at the same time they are oogling this really sexy chick who just happens to be smiling and carressing her hair pins or tapping her red hot nails on a notebook that happens to have paperclips on it.


  • Kasey says:

    something eye-catching, sexy, funny, sly witty and yet subtle……….so that the ones like us….. that would understand it…..would be like…….Oh!!!! SHIT !!!!!

    I would submit a drawing to more fully explain my point but I can not draw worth a flip.


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