Houston 2600 Meeting: Friday, May 4, 2018

Houston 2600/HAQR Meeting

Join computer enthusiasts to talk about programming, operating systems, computer security topics, hacking and geek culture.

When: Friday, May 4 6-9 PM
Where: Ninfa’s Express seating area, Galleria IV


  1. Take Post Oak South past Westheimer.
  2. Turn right on Hidalgo.
  3. Turn right on McCue.
  4. On your left is a parking garage. Turn left into the first entrance to the parking garage.
  5. Inside the parking garage, you will take a right and go up to the second floor. At the top of the building, turn left, and then turn left again, to follow the perimeter of the building. Signs will indicate you are heading to Nordstroms.
  6. Park near the elevators, and go inside. About 10m inside and to your right is Ninfa’s Express. You want the sit-down area, which is closer to the door than the takeout that faces into the mall.

Inside map:

Coordinates to parking garage: N 29 44.163 W 95 27.758.

After the meeting, HAQR will meet at Agora Coffee at 1712 Westheimer Houston, TX 77098-1612.

About HAQR

The American Nihilist Underground Society spreads nihilism through design, art, pranks, and hacking. Its technology arm, the Houston Area Quorum for Recidivism (HAQR), encourage learning philosophical frameworks through design-oriented thinking.


About 2600

2600 connects people with technology in unorthodox ways. An organization for hackers, it has branched into the hobby of thinking like a hacker to use technology beyond its stated categorical purpose to achieve exceptional results.



  • Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    Hey guys I’ve been meaning to attend 2600 for years now. I just never have a ride. I live in Pasadena. Just thought I’d say thank you for keeping the party going. I WILL make it one of these Fridays! Hope to see you all soon. 32/m/Pasadena

  • Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    By the way my uncle is Greg Martin from Dead Horse. I just noticed the link to Death Metal Underground. Also I thought I’d give you guys an exploit I (and I’m sure others) have figured out for free Xfinity wifi AP access all over town. It works in a pinch.

    You see all those Xfinity hotspots that are open that allow you an hour for free just by providing your name and email address with the option to buy more hours . you see them all over town right?

    It’s because the Xfinity access points the wireless routers that they put in your house nowadays actually has two ssids coming out of them. one for you and one that’s open for everybody.

    You following me so far

    Okay that’s their way of blanketing a whole city or area with their Wi-Fi that you can purchase. But the cool thing is if you run Linux you can change your Mac address every hour and get a free hour over and over and over again they don’t even validate the emails or the names.

    sudo ifconfig wlan0 down #Take wifi adapter down
    sudo ‘/usr/bin/macchanger’ -r wlan0 #Change wifi adapter MAC to “random”
    sudo ifconfig wlan0 up #Turn wifi adapter back on with new MAC
    sudo ifconfig -a #Displays new MAC

    12:47 internet started
    2:00 on again
    3:18 on again
    4:10 on again



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