The hacker approach to education

Education gets talked up a lot. People are freaked out because we have too many college graduates, with too many loans, and a college education doesn’t magically open doors as much as it once did. Even more, it seems like graduates lack actual job skills. One of the things we’ve seen from all our data The hacker approach to education

Is the internet a niche audience?

The original idea behind the internet was that it would be a place for everyone to interact. Sort of like society, but in a virtual world where distance was no barrier. However, that’s not what happened. More evidence suggests that online audiences reflect exactly zero of what’s going on in the world, and instead reflects Is the internet a niche audience?

Using relativity to encrypt data

Bob Way has a great post up about his brainstorm for a file-sharing system that technically does not include the actual data it shares, but can reconstruct it from a relative measurement of it, which is stored. This is much like coming up with a mold for a part and using relative vectors to describe Using relativity to encrypt data

Architecture versus pattern recognition

Most programming is a variant of “cut and paste” programming. You find the archetype you’re looking for, adapt it, and then paste it into the program from a mixture of sample code and blog posts. It works; you move on. Some programmers are even more experienced. Their pattern recognition and Pavlovian syntax response is all Architecture versus pattern recognition

Pre-review of Windows 8

So I tried installing windows 8 in vmware. The first time I got to the windows logo, then a black screen with a mouse cursor and it would not go further. I deleted the VM ware image and started over, this time getting about half way into the install before I got a blue screen Pre-review of Windows 8